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What Support is offered within the High Schools?

As important as it is to us at the complex to build relationships with the young people, it is also important that we maintain this throughout other elements of the community. This is why we have youth workers based in both local high schools Monday-Friday every week. This is very beneficial to the young people as seeing the same faces not only when attending the complex, but also in school, makes them more confident and familiar when approaching youth workers. 

In Castlemilk High school we have Kelly, Lee and Kirsty. All 3 youth workers offer a different variety of support through out the week. Kelly and Lee offer guidance and support to young people who may be struggling, or just to any young person who needs a chat! 

Kirsty is involved within the Developing Young Workforce element of the school. This meaning that Kirsty helps get young people prepared for their future, Kirsty does this by arranging work experiences, mock interviews, apprenticeship and employment workshops and loads more. Kirsty's Job Club on a Tuesday Night is a great opportunity for young people who no longer attend school, to access the same opportunities. 

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Copy of Copy of A New Design - Made with

In St.Margaret Mary's secondary school we also have 2 of our Youth Workers. Michael and Linda. Michael offers support and workshops to young people who are maybe struggling in school or the classroom environment. They can chat with him weekly, meet up and discuss any of their concerns or worries and also do some class work within a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Linda who works within our Youth Stress Team, is the Councillor for young people in St.Margaret Mary's. Young people can be referred to Linda for a variety of reasons and Linda will support them with any issues or troubles they are having or experiencing in high school.

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Copy of Copy of Copy of A New Design - M

For our Primary Schools we have Stacey our P7 transition worker. Stacey works in various local Primary schools preparing Primary 7's for their next chapter, High School. Find out more about what Stacey does here:

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