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Who are the HUB team and what do they do?

Our Hub Team is one of the Complex's 4 teams. It is the main basis of nightly activity within our building. Our team consists of various youth workers who support and engage young people in different activities during our nightly drop in service. 

Our drop in service is aimed at young people aged between 12-18 years old. This service offers a wide variety of activities within our drop in service, such as: The Arts (Music, Art, Drama), Issue Based Activity (Fun approached educational learning), Sports (Football, Dodgeball, Obstacle Courses, Dance and loads more). 

For 18-25 year old's, we have different groups that can help offer support such as:


Employability Support: Supports young people seeking employment advice and help, applications to further education such as personal statements, funding applications etc.

Volunteering: We have a lot of young people looking to volunteer and we offer them support in getting this experience by getting a clear insight into how it is working within the complex, but also what to expect from the world of work. 

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