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Drop In Service 
Each week in the complex we have nightly drop in, where young people aged between 12-18 can come and socialise with other young people of their local community. In these drop in's there is a variety of activities such as cooking, drama, sports and fitness, topical youth issues and loads more. The aim of our drop in sessions is to inform, include and involve our local Young People in order for them to gain skills that will prepare them for the adult world, and to educate them enough so that they are able to make informed decisions, as well as our biggest priority, to have fun!
  Summer Programme 2023

Music Group
Our Music group gives young people the opportunity to learn more skills on specific instruments and music in general. There is often Music showcases the group work together to do and highlight their hard work to the local community. Don't worry if you have no musical background but are interested as this is for people of all levels.

Our employability group gives support to young people up until they are 25. They can receive help and guidance when looking for employment, applying to college, university or an apprenticeship. Kirsty offers a wide range of supportive techniques to help prepare the young person for the real world such as: Interview hints and tips, mock interviews, creating CV's, creating a personal statement, applying for funding applications. Anything you need help with, Kirsty will do her best to accommodate your needs. Contact us by phone or social media to let Kirsty know of your interest. 


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